Because everyone is listening.



The Science of Listening:

How Brilliant Sound Makes For Better Living


Listening is the world’s most versatile drug. Administered in the right quantities—and at the right quality—music, podcasts and other forms of culture can supercharge our mood, productivity, fitness routine, and personal relationships—yes, even our sex lives. That’s not just marketing hype from a speaker company. It’s backed by data.

Data that we, in collaboration with SONOS, captured from around the globe - 12,000 participants from 12 countries across 4 continents. It was the first research study of its kind focusing on modern listening in the age of smart speakers, wearables and hearables. It’s goal to drive and support all SONOS campaigns throughout 2019 and underline that intentional listening really does make the world a better place.

For more information about the project: The Science Of Listening