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AVEENO® believe radiance comes from the inside out, and together, we went on a mission to help you reclaim a bit more balance in your life. Using Alexa to invoke the AVEENO® Me Timer is the first step towards helping you feel harmony from skin to soul through a meditative guided ritual.

This skill features a short guided meditation by leading British Psychologist and wellness expert, Emma Kenny, as well as a custom relaxing soundscape timer for up to 30 minutes of daily ‘me time’. We all know that mindfulness is essential for health, but it’s only part of the equation. Me time is scientifically proven to benefit nearly every aspect of life, and can make us feel refreshed and restored.

Use the AVEENO® Me Timer as a simple but powerful way to signal to you, and others, that you’re investing in yourself. And to help keep you motivated, AVEENO® will reward you a little in the process with skin care tips, delicious healthy recipes and a special AVEENO® discount code - a global first for the Alexa platform.