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Terms & Conditions:

1 - Terms and Conditions

Any project is undertaken on the basis that Cecilia will be Client partner, consultant and/or supplier throughout the entire project, including but not limited to the outlined phases and scope of work. In addition, we reserve the right to alter fees if any agreed deliverables change after prior acceptance by Client, or the project clearly extends (beyond reason) the agreed time frame above.

2 - Privacy and Confidentiality

We respect that privacy and confidentiality are important to our clients. We will not disclose or share project specific information that is not available in the public domain with PR, Press, competitors or unnecessary third parties not related to the project without prior Client consent. We kindly ask the same in return with respect to competitors or third parties which could damage the integrity or success of either company or the project.


3 - Disclaimer

Whilst every effort will be made to generate value for the Client throughout the project, we are unable to guarantee significant or beneficial license approvals, savings, margins, research results, statistics, or marketing metrics.

4 - Payment terms

Client will issue a Purchase Order (for full value of agreed project elements) prior to the commencement of any project work, which will be paid no later than 30 days from invoice date.

5 - Cancellation

Should the project be cancelled by Client after the project commences, the agreed fee will remain due without refund.

6 - Taxes and VAT

All fees exclude Taxes and VAT (where applicable).

7 - Contractual Parties

Client will be the contracting party for all 3rd party licenses and agreements, and Cecilia will be acting as agent.


8 - Third Party Fees

All fees listed in this proposal exclude payments to 3rd parties except where specifically named and agreed, which shall include but not be limited to artists, artist management, research funding, graphic designers and printing, film and editing crews, event production companies, developers, consultants, PR, record labels, music publishers, collection societies, performers’ unions.

 9 - Intellectual Property

Any contractual templates created by Cecilia or its partners for the purposes of this project shall be the property of Cecilia, and are not to be used beyond  the scope of this project.

 10 - Credits

Cecilia and/or Susan Stone will be credited as music consultant and music agency. Both Susan Stone and/or Cecilia shall be free to refer to the project in marketing materials after the project has entered the public domain subject to Client's prior approval which shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed