Music is used to change, enhance or imagine the world around us, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. Music is also something everyone has a wonderfully different opinion on. And yet we all started out as near identical tiny clusters of vibrating cells, to become these beating Emo hearts. 

To me, music is a perfect sensory blend of art and science. It is primal, surviving over 80,000 years of human evolution and often considered the very crux of what makes us human, after all. It is arguably the oldest form of 'interactive communication'. By definition, interactive means two things that have an impact on each other. It is as much about listening as feeling listened to. 

Storytelling, disruption and engagement - whatever jargon du jour is used, this is ultimately the goal. This means both cultural and aesthetic connection which we want to experience or express. As individuals we thrive in balance of art, science and spirituality. 

We can only get deeply creative within sonic arts and music when we actually understand music and sound as a layer of communication. This is about the songs that soundtrack our everyday experiences, as more than 90% of music listening happens when we're doing something else. This is about the beauty and protection of silence as much as making noise. It's about resonance and identity. 

Art and commerce need different rules for today's world. Audiences are smart, and art is to be appreciated. You are a catalyst to the relationship between listener and sound. You are not the artist, the cynic, the passenger, or the blank cheque. You are here to make brilliant things happen, and get credit for it. 




Excerpt taken from the ADC Global blog